We understand the travel industry from both ends of the business – the traveller who is getting increasingly demanding, and the business owners who need business intelligence to optimise processes in order to maximise profits. While booking engines are aplenty, they still rely heavily on manual intervention and data input by an employee. A mid-sized or larger agency would typically need to add third party BI kits over and above the booking engine to get any sort of a performance dashboard.

Our bouquet of products and services for the travel industry cover travel portal development, enterprise systems, modernisation of legacy tools, re-engineering of processes, eCommerce, transaction processing systems, back-office solutions, travel suites and loyalty management solutions.

As a technology provider and partner to the travel industry, we offer:

  • Increased ROI on IT capital expenses
  • Reduction in IT operation expenses
  • Ability to integrate IT, BPO and infrastructure services to create innovative solutions
  • Access to mPower’s R&D innovation labs and co-innovation network.


The healthcare industry has traditionally been a late adopter to technology. However, with increasing competition and a corporate outlook in the management of hospitals and other healthcare institutions, technology enablement of various processes becomes a differentiator. Furthermore, doctors’ professional engagement, patients experience and managing operations seamlessly can be enabled by robust technology and eliminating human error.

Healthcare companies such as those in the pharma sector function in an ecosystem of vast external collaborations with vendors, government regulatory bodies and agencies. mPower provides comprehensive and cutting-edge solutions to address the arising communication, coordination and regulatory needs.

At the healthcare delivery level, our solutions bring immediate benefits of better doctor-patient collaboration and hospital patient records management. At the corporate level, customised business intelligence for hospital solutions helps leaders make decisions based on data and analysis.


mPowerGlobal help media companies bridge the vast gap between their executive leadership and understanding and adoption of technology. Advanced media software services/ solutions from mPowerGlobal help companies adapt to the rapid advances in the industry and quickly address the needs of the market while being agile and fast.

We have a team of qualified and certified experts who develop solutions which help you integrate all your channels for distribution on one platform and service information fast to a global audience.



We are specialized in providing facilities like Design, Development, Hosting, portals, Content Management of enabled websites and web-based software applications under the norms of GIGW (Guidelines for Indian Government Websites). Along with this, we also hold expertise in offering recruitment services for a wide range of Government Departments.

Our core members having in-depth working knowledge & vast experience in the Government domain was established with a primary objective of providing state-of-the-art, end-to-end solutions and services to several Government organizations across the globe.

We are oriented towards helping Government organizations transform into enterprise infrastructure-based, end-to-end digital Government that:

  •  Provide Citizen-centric services
  •  Increase Government accessibility
  •  Bring Transparency in its services thus supporting Right to Information
  •  Disseminate information online with responsibility
  •  Optimize Government resources
  •  Minimize Government expenditures
  •  Support Value Added Services to all stakeholders


mPowerGlobal has an effective mechanism to manage and grow required real-time accessibility of information without compromising on accountability. From admissions and test processes to university collaboration and managing alumni network.

Education industry as a vertical has tangible and intangible assets which are required to be maintained in an effective way.

Some of the features of our services for the education sector are:

  • Effective tracking of recruitment, registration, faculty related information and student academic records
  • Single data repository for enterprise wide information
  • Platform for accurate financial scrutiny and improved cash flow, tracking receivables and making effective decisions
  • Other tailored solutions relevant to specific institutes



Digital technologies and data is transforming the aviation industry. The future of aviation will be driven through comprehensive digital solutions designed and engineered to deliver superior passenger experience.

Digital technologies will enable and disrupt the industry through re-imagining business processes — as evident in programs such as IATA’s Simplifying the Business (StB) aimed at transforming conventional airline practices to a passenger-centric approach that delivers value to airline businesses and the overall travel ecosystem.

We address both the challenges and opportunities in the industry. We help our customers execute on their digital transformation agenda: from Omni-channel Customer Experience and Airline Systems Modernization to extracting more value delivery from investments in Data.