A host of platforms including the leading open source choice.

mPower has enviable in-house leadership and expertise in Liferay, which is a leading technology in Gartner’s magic quadrant for horizontal portals. Though an open source framework, Liferay is a preferred technology for building high-end web portals. Liferay brings several advantages over competing technologies that go beyond just cost benefits. For instance, Liferay can cut down implementation time by as much as 60 percent, or more, depending on the kind of portal being built. Many common portal features like cart (for ecommerce), blogs, forum, social integration, email, messaging, etc. are all readily available as plugins for Liferay. Quite literally, setting up a fully-fledged portal can be as quick as a one day job.

In many instances, customers who have been on proprietary platforms have asked of us to execute migration to an open source portal technology. mPower has carried out quick and seamless migration to open source alternatives like Liferay, thereby giving such customers an affordable and scalable portal solution.

Post implementation, mPower extends its services in portal maintenance and support, giving customers a single point of contact for their entire portal needs.


From cloud enabling services to building cloud management tools

mPower’s expertise in the area of cloud computing covers several dimensions. With knowhow of the two common cloud services, Azure and AWS, we offer cloud enablement of our other services in various configurations – hybrid cloud, internal cloud, or public cloud. Our homegrown mPride portal, for instance, can be cloud enabled for cloud portal development, thus giving customers benefits of cost efficiency, redundancy, performance, or a combination of the three.

Our understanding of cloud and virtual environments spans beyond cloud-enabling different services. 

Our end to end Cloud Portal solutions are aimed at:

  • Building a Seamless Ecosystem – Web Services, SOA, ESB, Service Catalog, Migration
  • Collaborative Framework that unites Users (internal/external) – SSO, LDAP, IDM, Dashboards, User Account/ Profile, Groups and Roles, WCM, White Labeling, Channel Partner Enablement
  • Business Processes Workflow Integration – JBPM5 based WFM, On-boarding, Provisioning Process, Maintenance (Service Item Management, Ticket Management)


mPower can build eCommerce websites on different frameworks as may be necessary to meet specific requirements and scalability. E-commerce can be implemented either via Liferay using suitable portlets or by using out-of-the box eCommerce portal technologies like Zend, Magneto, WordPress, Opencart and others.

While having vast experience with the following eCommerce portal frameworks, we have also undertaken building custom eCommerce solutions for clients whose specific business requirement necessitated a tailor made eCommerce solution. mPower has experience and expertise in all approaches to developing eCommerce websites.

With either approach, the eCommerce solution has the following major features:

  • Includes Both Store Front End and Catalog Administration Backend
  • Works for both product and services selling
  • Supports Enterprise Selling Models in B2B mode
  • Extensive Search and Reporting
  • Includes Recommendation Engine


Mpower have worked with global clients in building high-end web portal solutions, web portal applications and have provided comprehensive end-to-end Software Development Support and Maintenance Services to our clients. We delight customers through better, faster and cost effective IT solutions, and follow the industry standard methodologies and proven frameworks.

We offer:

  • Consulting Services
  • Software Product Development Services
  • Software Support Services
  • Maintenance

Application Development addresses the challenges faced by organisations when they are in need for an out of the box solution. Our solutions are competitively priced yet robust, scalable and easy to maintain.


For mPower, mobility is not just good-to-have but it is a must-have. Our capabilities in the mobility space include development of standalone apps for Android and iOS, and extend to adapting the power of Liferay, the leading open source portal framework to the mobile platform.

mPower develops B2B eCommerce mobile apps using Liferay or any other suitable approach. Knowing that our customers’ customers are active on mobile devices, our eCommerce portal solution includes B2C eCommerce development. Be it Liferay or HTML5 or any other technology, mPower has deep expertise in eCommerce mobile app development.

Solution Highlights:

  • End to End application development – conceptualisation to delivery
  • Develop apps for different platform – Apple iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, etc.
  • For Portals – we offer responsive UI to cater to the mobile needs
  • Follow industry standard methodologies and proven frameworks like Agile, Scrum and CMM Level
  • Expertise to develop B2B and B2C mobile applications


We also undertake Liferay migration projects for clients who are on proprietary platforms and wish to harness the flexibility and open source benefits of Liferay. In cases where legacy tools need to coexist, we also do Liferay integration, so that applications can cross leverage each other, and manual effort in data entry is reduced. mPower is also approached by clients who already have a Liferay instance running and want to optimize it. In such cases, we undertake Liferay performance tuning and other optimizations.


With our Product Development, we deliver tailor made solutions that are customised to meet the exact business requirements of our clients who often come across a problem that cannot be solved by a ready made solution. Our architectural expertise helps in reducing development cycle covering entire SDLC in Agile, Spiral and Waterfall Models with timely and quality delivery of solutions.


With our outsourced qualified and competent engineers and consultants your business will rise to a new level. mpowerglobal professionals do their work in a good and workmanlike manner and cooperate with your specialists to perform the best. We keep a personal approach and guarantee a perfect customer service according to specific need and requirements

1) Skilled and experienced team

We combine proven methodologies, business domain knowledge and technology expertise of 120+ skilled software professionals to deliver high-quality solutions.

2) Innovative approach

Leverage our proprietary methodologies, agile process, design thinking, and advanced analytics to quickly and creatively solve the most complex business challenges.

3) Reaching across industries

We have an experience with a wide range of industries and develop custom solutions for each representative of them. So you can rely on our technology consultants who can apply their specific skills and experiences to unique industry challenges.

Our team constantly improves its knowledge due to the steady growth of expertise and is ready to offer the following training & consulting services:

  1. Software architecture
  2. Enhancement advisory
  3. Research and rapid prototyping
  4. Best-practice software selection
  5. Application design reviews
  6. IT management and Resources


Once your product is developed you are able to order long-time maintenance and tech support. We can keep working on new features of your software, handle your questions and emerging issues as well as develop and implement improvements.

Our customer service engineers are dedicated to assisting you throughout any difficulties you, your personal, or clients might meet when using the software.

1) Technical Support

Our Customer support services would provide access to product documentation, updates, training resources. Our managers will help you deal with emerging issues and eliminate them on time.

2) Application Improvement

We combine analytics and best practices to define what changes can add value to your application. If you approve the new features we start working on enhancements.

3) Steady Monitoring of the Software

With maintenance services from our company, you will be able to get daily, weekly, or monthly reports about your software performance and productivity.

4) Product Enhancement

We offer to add value to your products with new features, recommended for long-lasting projects with a great number of potential fixes and releases.